SEO Tips and Essentials for Your Content

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SEO Tips and Ticks for Your Content

Written by: Sean Riggs
Search & Rank Technologies

There has been a big change in SEO marketing over the last few years. If anyone has been around this industry for very long, they well know an extra emphasis has been put on creating good quality content of late. And while creating solid content is just one of many steps needed for today’s highly competitive rankings, it is a critical step to getting your content shared and liked.

To help ensure that content works well; here are a few SEO tips and tricks to always keep in mind.

Keywords vs. Intent

The common practice of stuffing the keyword is long gone nowadays and so is keeping a specific keyword density. We no longer need to try integrating our keywords into titles, headings, links, body copy, and descriptions. This practice is now to group our keywords into shorter buckets of intent.

There are three kinds of intent keywords: transactional, navigational, and informational. Of these keywords, transactional (buying keywords) are normally considered to be higher intent keywords, while the navigational keywords (searches for a specific website) and informational (looks for information about particular topics) keywords are seen to be of low intent.

Understanding your guest’s intent and then creating content with the quality intent keywords will increase your conversions.

Pro SEO Tip: To help understand your buys intent take a look at what your buyers are searching for in Google Trends.

Titles, Descriptions, and Headlines

While it is vital to match your own original content to a guest’s intent, keywords still are going to play a vital role in your contents headlines, descriptions, and titles. These two, keywords and intent, work together. Keywords should drive a visitor well towards a specific action. While it is great to rank highly in the search results, attracting customer to your site is only halfway the full battle. You want visitors to take some specific action once you get them onto the site.

Pro SEO Tip: If you use WordPress, a great plugin that assists with Keyword in your titles, descriptions, and headlines is Squirrly-SEO

Content Classification

Is the content you are crafting transactional or informational? Content should be crafted with a classification kept in mind then the content ought to be mapped out carefully as to what route you want your visitor to take. One may bring the guests to their site with informational material, but you will wish to then transfer them to transactional content more.

Pro SEO Tip: The type of content is critical to capturing your audience. Learn what you type of content your customers want with this free guide to creating customer content.

Quality Score

In the event that you have perused Google’s manual, Google’s Quality Ratings Guidelines, you might be acquainted with the acronym EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trust). With a specific end goal to make quality substance, you should remember this acronym. These elements keep up quality substance, as well as a quality image for your image and your site.

Content Presentation

You may have quality information, yet it won’t make any difference in the event that it is exhibited ineffectively. How your site looks and the impression it gives your guests is critical also. Extra care should be taken in the choice of textual styles, hues, features, and the utilization of whitespace. Plan components are crucially essential in the case of how well your substance will be received by your local guests. This incorporates how the substance will look when seen on changed gadgets, for example, an advanced mobile phone or tablet.

Bite-Sized Content

No one likes to simply look through an interminable page of words. At whatever point conceivable, break your substance into bite-sized estimates, effortlessly shareable bits of data. Make utilization of pictures, quotes, and bullets to split the data up and keep the reader intrigued.

Content Promotion

Making good content is just half the struggle. You have to get eyes on the content also. After crafting your content, you have to connect with influencers in your business sector and advance this content. You need to inspire others to begin sharing the content on online networking. You may even need to utilize paid publicizing to build the traffic to your content.


A considerable measure of traffic to an article will come after its underlying promotion and publication. It causes no harm to utilize paid promoting to push traffic to more established content, particularly if there is an open door for the reader to agree to a pamphlet or download a free bit of the content and for you to add other subscribers of your rundown.

Use signal words.

Signal words help individuals to look through your content and individuals to grasp the principle thought. Suppose, for an instant that there are three explanations behind individuals to purchase your item. You ought to utilize signal words like: ‘as a matter of first importance’; “besides” and ‘at long last’. Additionally, words such as ‘in any case’, “most likely” and “undoubtedly” give a reasonable sign to your readers. Readers will right away understand that a conclusion will trail words like ‘hence’, “so” or ‘thus’. Signal words are in this manner imperative to structure your content.


You have to know how your content is performing. It’s amazing to get the site visits or social shares for an article, however, how is that article improving your image, building client steadfastness, taking guests back to your site, or expanding guest engagement?

Pro SEO Tip: Take a look at this master list of content metrics for ideas on what you sh0uld be measuring


On the off chance that a specific bit of content has been exceptionally fruitful, repurpose the content to make a slideshow, a video, podcasts, online courses, white papers, or different types of content.
Making quality content is an imperative piece of SEO today and these tips ought to help you make that content. While each business and site is distinctive, these tips ought to help in the content creation process.

Use SEO plugin.

Good SEO plugins can assist you in composing an SEO-friendly post. You begin by picking your main keyword. This is the most vital inquiry term you need individuals to locate this specific page for. The plugin checks your posts to see whether you utilize the keyword in the right places, and it quantifies numerous different parts of the content.

Pro SEO Tip: If you are using WordPress, then Yoast SEO is the clear winner for SEO content and one page SEO checking.


Remember that quality content is king, but creating it is challenging. Don’t be afraid to get help in areas you need it, or you may end up with something less than desirable for your end product.

~Sean Riggs | Search & Rank Technologies


Sean Riggs is a seasoned technologist and Entrepreneur with a passion for Inbound Marketing and SEO. As the founder of Search & Rank Technologies, he has created an affordable reliable way for small and medium businesses to improve their web presence to their targeted markets through Inbound Marketing, with an emphasis on SEO & SEM. A few things that are important to know about Sean and Search & Rank Technologies: • We are focused with the end in mind and the present needs to get us there. • We need to work with people who are motivated, driven, and passionate. They fuel our desire to succeed. • We know our strengths, and more importantly we know our limitations. • Execution far exceeds ideas. Everyone has ideas, not everyone executes.

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