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On Tuesday the 15th of March, 2016 Google unveiled a new suite of marketing tools known as the Google Analytics 360 Suite. This cloud-based tool will compete with companies such as Oracle and Salesforce for a piece of the online marketing and analytics pie that is growing daily.

The suite of instruments is broken down into six categories that work together to provide a single view of the entire customer journey. Some of these tools you have seen before and some of them are new, but the one thing that is clear from the suite is that it is aimed at collecting better data and analytics. While it does compete with platforms like Salesforce on some level, it’s less of a pure marketing style implementation of tools as it lacks some fundamentals, like social media management or email marketing. Instead, Google Analytics 360 suite looks to be aimed at data-driven marketers who want to experience the deep view of how the customer’s excursion starts and ends.

A few tools that will aid in this journey are the other Attribution 360, a retooled version of its Adometry acquisition, which provides intelligence data on how to measure and optimize marketing costs across your channels by uncovering insights on your customer’s journey. Or the new Audience Center 360, a rich data management platform which can collect and organize all your data sources into a simple, actionable, reporting system. The suite also includes an updated analytics feature called Google Analytics 360, formerly named Google Analytics Premium, and Optimize 360 which is designed to test and quickly deliver a more personal experience on your website.

These are just a few of the tools you can find with the new Google Analytics 360 Suite.

The platform looks to be an excellent addition to enterprise marketers, who likely have similar principles but without some of the data power offered by Google. For those of us with smaller analytics needs, you can still get the Google Analytics and Tag Manager for free, or the Analytics for Mobile Apps all of which provide the same incredible value as before.

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