6 Tips for Social Media Design

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written by: Sean Riggs | Search & Rank Technologies

With small and large enterprises popping up every day, we all need a good strategy to market our products and services. Many companies are hiring experts and marketers to get them a place in the market. Social media marketing has become one of the best places to sell products and services. However, you need to spend a good amount of time and effort to build your trust through social media. Any poor design on your social media profile can prevent new visitors from following you or hitting the like button. Below are six tips to help you design a pleasing social media profile for all your accounts.

The profile page

Remember your social media profile page is a landing page. You should create a lasting positive impression for your visitors.

Tip 1- Create Consistency

If you have created more than one social media accounts for your brand, you should be uniform across all the platforms. They may not be alike but using the same profile picture will be a good idea. You can also use a logo. Another idea is to have different cover photos for each of the podiums especially if the photo reflects different requests or interests based on the platform itself.

Tip 2 – Know the right size

Even though consistency is very important across all the platforms, you should remember that quality of the images is vital as well. Different social media networks have different sizes for cover images or profile pictures. It is great to know the specific sizes. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Google have different sizes for profile pictures. For Facebook Avatar is 180 x 180 pixels (displays at 160 x 160), and cover photo is 851 x 351 pixels, for Twitter avatar is 400 x 400 pixels (displays at 200 x 200), and header Photo: 1500 x 500 pixels, and for Google avatar is 250 x 250 pixels, and cover photo is 1080 x 608 pixels.

Tip 3 – Keep it fresh

Consistency across all your social media platforms is important but you should keep it fresh. You should change the cover images and profile photos from time to time. This is to make your clients more updated with your products and services. Another great way to celebrate events and holidays is to change your cover images.

Tip 4 – Get Visual

When creating your posts, you need to go visual. Posts that contain images and videos get more attention than just plain posts. For instance, twitter revealed that tweets that contain images are retweeted at a 35 percent higher rate, while tweets containing videos are retweeted at an average of 28 percent. Tweets with numbers get 17 percent retweets and those with hashtag are retweeted at an average of 16 percent. But plain tweets only get 19 percent. This is the same to Facebook. That is why posts with images and videos are dominant in all social media platforms.

Tip 5 – Follow guidelines

If you want to achieve the best for your effort, you should follow the best practices for all the social media platforms. Guidelines for most platforms are the same. For example, most platforms forbid the use of nudity or threatening images. It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of your company’s account being terminated or suspended. For example, Facebook endorses that you share stories visually with photos and videos to grab many visitors

Tip 6 – Market to Locals

Another great way to reap the efforts of having a well-designed social media page is to target the locals. Marketing to the local through social media will help you know who are your customers and know them well. You can use location established hashtags, local content images and mention local area attractions to capture visitor’s attention. You should also ensure you use contents that will relate well to people. Avoid using technical and businesslike languages. By doing this, you will attract a good number of customers.

Social media pages that are well created and have appealing content such as images and videos are much more likely to be shared and increase commitment. Therefore, make sure you exercise creativity when designing your contents. Also, make sure that that your images are consistent with your brands and are showcasing your products and services to every visitor. When used well, social media can provide a boost to your business. Use these six tips to form a solid base for creating your social media campaigns.

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